Import And Export


Axis Logistics and Packers provide you easy and affordable solution for all your import & export requirements. We strive hard to for the safety of your belongings when transported to overseas.The essence of task is that we do it with personal touch. We have good contact with custom agents and custom departments in all country so that your product could not affix to them for unforeseen reasons.

We Make It Easy!!!

The one who work globally have frequent requirement of import-export task. We provide esteem satisfaction to that for accomplishing daily import-export requirements. All merchandise know that things which are exported is subject to custom duty unless specifically exempted by law which further requires number of custom clearance steps including inspections and appraisement.

The custom duty need to be paid on the goods entering the country. Also the imported item must meet admissibility standards with proper permits secured in advanced by the importer

Sit Relax! We Get You Move Smoothly!

Our import-export service department has years of experience and ensures your goods sail smoothly through the custom process of the country which can be fraught with delays and frustrations for uninitiated.

Our specialized and expertise representatives determines whether the clients need a door-to-door freight forwarding service or just custom clearance, excise duty and other documentation or both tasks. After finalizing the task, we’ll contact our worldwide network of agents for shipping the merchandise properly. Entire task is done with extra conscious. The bills of lading, freight forwarding, custom clearance, tariffs and duty, and any related fees are handled by us ourselves. We very well know how to handle the problem if any of issue persists and get fix it very soon.

Export And Import