Cargo Service

Axis Logistic and Packers are expertise in bulk transportation services for every sector. We owe the transportation service with complete safety and security. Most of business requires the transportation of their goods on daily basis and there are global supplier as well who needs the import and export services as well. Our company provides the best cargo service for domestic and overseas. Cargo Services refer to the production of items transported for business gains.

Send your cargo via ship, plane, van, truck or train anywhere anytime with Axis Logistics and Packers!

We can handle over-sized cargo and assure the safe delivery without any damage or accidents in transporting the goods in bulk. A strategic alliance has been made with the container companies so that your cargo moves smoothly to the desired destination without any damage.

The transportation service is chose according to the time, budget and type of cargo. Our company has all options available – air freight, ocean freight and land freight. With air freight, you can send your cargo very faster among for domestic or international. Air cargos are usually called pallets. They are designed and packed according to the flight.

No More Worry for Documentation! We are here…

Another important thing for overseas cargo is the documentation. Our company does the entire task of custom clearance for our clients. We have highly trained staffs that smoothly help your good clear from the customs and excise department. With Axis Logistic and Packers you are in safe hands for custom documentation, examination of shipment, handling and stuffing, carting and receiving of goods and unloading at port. We always make best effort for our clients so that they never have financial stress to avail their packets or cargo.