Air Freight

Axis Logistics and Packers facilitate its customer to experience the effective technology solution for fast transportation service among national or international level. Our company manages all aspects of the air cargo with ease and speed. Today industry is moving towards globalization and everyone wants to grow their business for overseas.

However, international shipping is fraught with worry for the delivery of shipment. Sometimes, the delivery requires really very fast. At that time, air freight is the only solution that shipment will reach quickly and efficiently. Usually, air cargos are charged by weight and size of shipment. It’s good idea to send your small goods or highly valuable items by air cargo and heavy cargos should be sent through ocean freight.

Air cargo is also a good option where there is a time criticality. Our company serves you highly safe, affordable and fastest air freight service. We can schedule the delivery of your particular items or 1-2 cargo as well. You can also book the entire flight if you many number of cargo and really require very quick service. Our company will take care of all documentation process so that your goods or cargos cannot be seized by custom departments.

The cargos for air freights are called pallets. They are designed and packed according to the flight. We have highly trained staff who packed the thing so that they can be delivered with complete safety without any damage. The all documentation task is done by our team as well without any mistake.